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"Robot Builder" track order is here!

"Hunky Panky: Limited Edition 12" Vinyl HAS ARRIVED!



At long last, the 'Hunky Panky' small run LP is in the house! Limited to 100 pieces and pressed on random-colored vinyl, so no two records are exactly alike! Comes with download card for free access to MP3 or lossless WAV file versions of the album! (11) tracks of loud, original, nutty outsider Rock n Roll, outstanding playing by the likes of Tom Curiano, Art Quinn and Rock Anthony, and superior mastering by Tony Maimone. Woo!

Listen & order at Bandcamp too:



'Hunky Panky' Lyrics Here!


Hello! With the imminent release of the new 'Hunky Panky' LP, I thought it might be a good idea to upload song lyrics here! So here goes, in no particular order! All words copyright 2017 Vincent Priceless / Baby Werewolf Publishing / ASCAP


we are ziggy stardust,
we are golden years,
and we've got to get back
to the moss garden.

Hear "Sweet Thing" Bowie cover here!


New! Listen to a cover of Bowie's 'Sweet Thing'!



Greets! I am pleased to report that all recording has been completed for "Hunky Panky"!

"Hunky Panky" song running order is here!


Check out the "Hunky Panky" running order!

New VP record "Hunky Panky" underway!


New VP Record "Hunky Panky" Coming Soon!

So a Monkee and a Motel Cover "Diamond Dogs" & "Soul Love" @ Chiller Bowie Tribute....


Monkee Covers "Diamond Dogs" @ Chiller Bowie Tribute!

Dead Elvi to Celebrate the Rock & Roll of Bowie @ April 2016 Chiller Party!


                       SEE CALENDAR PAGE FOR DETAILS!

Hey there - it's been a while!



"Miniature Minotaurs" Friday The 13th Radio Special on WFMU, hosted by Kurt Gottschalk!

Brain-Storming for What's Next


Plotting to record a 7" of new material - a darker, heavier affair, no doubt. Enlisting Art Quinn on guitar and Rob Sefcik on drums, if all goes as per plans. Stay tuned for more, if you're out there!

The Rain, The Park and Marky Ramone!


Well, another Chiller Theatre Expo has come and gone, gang! Hope you got the chance to check it out! As part The Dead Elvi, (house band for the Saturday night Rock & Roll Party), I've been fortunate enough to play with some pretty amazing people, and this show was no exception! As if backing the super-fun Cowsills wasn't cool enough, Marky Ramone sat in on drums for "The Rain, The Park and Other Things"! More surreal than that, I can't get! Here's a fan video:

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