Vincent Priceless

'Hunky Panky' lyrics being uploaded!

Hellooooo! With the imminent release of the new 'Hunky Panky' LP, I thought it might be cool to upload song lyrics, so behold, here they are, in running order no less! All words copyright 2017 Vincent Priceless / Baby Werewolf Publishing / ASCAP


we are ziggy stardust,

we are golden years,
and we've got to get back
to the moss garden.

I wanna know your mind,

see what I can find,
I really dig your smile,
I have for a while.

I wanna drink you up
from a china cup,
see what I can corrupt
beneath your leather.

Baby can't you see,
you're the one for me,
we just gotta be....
Baby can't you tell?
I really dig your smell,
you really do me well, well, well....

Baby can't you tell?
I really dig your smell,
you really suite me well...
the way you wear your ink
kinda makes me think
you're my missing link.

Que sera, sera,
let's get out of this bar,
take a drive in my car,
the stars are glitter...

Don't need to read a report,
life is too damn short,
I got a willing cohort
to make it better.

I saw her at the supermarket,
I liked the way she double-parked it,

we said hello down by the melons
and whispered low just like two felons,
she said, "great sushi here, can't beat it,
now take me home, I'll make you eat it!"

One wave of her wicked wand and I was gone - Bad Beth and beyond
One whiff of her killer spiff and I was stiff - Bad Beth and beyond
One glance at her cut-off pants I'm in a trance - Bad Beth and beyond

Parked around behind the take-out,
there's a real good place to make out,
won't find no cops here on a stake-out,
I went and left a piece of cake out,
she said 'no tacos without hot sauce,
I'm gonna show you just who is boss!"

Chorus: etc.
(Bad Beth has half off, right now!)

She called a meeting in the shower,
she claimed that water gave here power,
she had to have her way with all men
and women time and time again,
she never suffered from fatigue,
she was in a different league.

Chorus: 2x

more to follow!