Vincent Priceless

Now Accepting "Hunky Panky" LP Pre-Orders - Random Colored Vinyl Limited to 100 pieces!

Hey! I am pleased to announce that pre-orders are now being accepted for the full-length album, "Hunky Panky", limited to 100 pieces of randomly-colored vinyl! Due to the high demand for vinyl, I will probably not even be taking delivery of records until late June, 2017, which means in all likelihood, orders will not ship until July, 2017! Of course, any bumps in the schedule will be duly noted here, or feel free to email! Vinyl production is by no means cheap, especially for a small boutique run of 100 units, but that being said, and in effort to get my music out into the world, I am pleased to be able to offer the record for $ 25.00, shipping included! Get in touch via Baby Werewolf Publishing here: for order info! Thanks for your interest!