'Hunky Panky' Lyrics Here!

Hellooooo! The 'Hunky Panky' limited-edition vinyl LP has landed! Behold, here are the lyrics, in running order, by side, no less! All words copyright 2017 Vincent Priceless / Baby Werewolf Publishing / ASCAP


we are ziggy stardust,

we are golden years,
and we've got to get back
to the moss garden.

I wanna know your mind,

see what I can find,
I really dig your smile,
I have for a while.

I wanna drink you up
from a china cup,
see what I can corrupt
beneath your leather.

Baby can't you see,
you're the one for me,
we just gotta be....
Baby can't you tell?
I really dig your smell,
you really do me well, well, well....

Baby can't you tell?
I really dig your smell,
you really suit me well...
the way you wear your ink
kinda makes me think
you're my missing link.

Que sera, sera,
let's get out of this bar,
take a drive in my car,
the stars are glitter...

Don't need to read a report,
life is too damn short,
I got a willing cohort
to make it better.

I saw her at the supermarket,
I liked the way she double-parked it,

we said hello down by the melons
and whispered low just like two felons,
she said, "great sushi here, can't beat it,
now take me home, I'll make you eat it!"

One wave of her wicked wand and I was gone - Bad Beth and beyond
One whiff of her killer spiff and I was stiff - Bad Beth and beyond
One glance at her cut-off pants I'm in a trance - Bad Beth and beyond

Parked around behind the take-out,
there's a real good place to make out,
won't find no cops here on a stake-out,
I went and left a piece of cake out (yummy),
she said 'no tacos without hot sauce,
I'm gonna show you just who is boss!"

Chorus: etc.
(Bad Beth has half off, right now!)

She called a meeting in the shower,
she claimed that water gave her power,
she had to have her way with all men
and women time and time again,
she never suffered from fatigue,
she was in a different league.

Chorus: 2x

Chorus: 2X
Low T, that's me,
things ain't what they used to be.

After the show, getting to know the girls,
a couple of drinks, a couple of winks and we'd twirl,
now I'm at home sitting alone in the dark,
down on my knees, trying to find the spark.

Chorus: 2X

Halters always sealed the deal for me,
a nice pair of Lucite heals set me free,
now I'm as flaccid as lake placid can be,
I'm a plaster-caster disaster, you see? you see?

If it's limp, you're a wimp,
USA, Plymouth Rock,
gotta have granite cock,
be a man, make it hard,
just wip out your credit card!

Chorus: 2X

I'm losing my hair,
but I don't care, I breathe air,
can't buy me a thrill unless I can buy a pill,
you can laugh if you want, and call me a sniveling runt,
but I don't need you or your medicated goo to get....you know (c***)!

Chorus: 4 X

There's a special place
I call my sacred space,
and everytime I go there

it puts a smile on my face,

Don't wanna bore you with my plights,
you think I should be flying kites,
but I just can't avoid
the truth of Siggy Freud
and lots of stuff he writes....

My morning jerk-off, I'm gonna love me do (love me do),
My morning jerk-off, I bet you do it too (gonna do it too)
My morning jerk-off is all about loving me, and loving you!

Now I know you think I'm nuts,
but it takes a chunk of guts
to sing about the things I doubt
transpire in glass huts,
perhaps you'll get the jist
instead of getting pissed,
because the topic, dear, is so sincere,
just a quick flick of the wrist!

Chorus: 2X

Our love will never conquer,
no justice will prevail,
if we don't share the music,
the music of John Cale.

Embrace his style of screaming,
like a banshee out on bail,
a sound that's so cathartic,
like a sonic killer whale.

Chorus: Oh oh oh, John Cale - 2X

Now his hair has turned much whiter,
but still he sets the scene
gritty tales like violent flowers,
a palette beautiful and mean,
yeah, he killed a chicken
just prior to a show,
it was dead, let's be clear,
when he chopped-off its' head,
it landed in some punter's beer!

Chorus: Oh oh oh, John Cale - 2X

He gave it all away in a cloak room just for you,
but you never had the guts to do what you really wanted to,
so now I'll take my refuge under the Welshman's swirling spell,
if for now we must part ways, my friend, we'll meet again in Hell.

Chorus: 3X

SIDE B (Priceless Panky)

Angels we have heard while high,

Angels we have heard while high,
their music shall un-tune the sky,
we know what's done is done,
there's no consolation,
as we watch our heroes vanish one by one.

This Rock & Roll is serious stuff,
it's the glue that bonds us together
and makes us tough,
I can't imagine one single day
without Rock & Roll to help me find my way

'Cause it gets under my skin and knocks my head around,
it lifts my soul so high my feet don't touch the ground,
it's coursing through my veins in 5.1 surround,
fire-up a Camel for this Rock & Roll enamel.

Hang a wreath upon my failing teeth,
Tempus Fuckit, golden kicking bucket,
Carpe bottom, smoke 'em if you got 'em,
Give me summer, endless summer......
Chorus: 1X


The Return of The Spider from Mars,
Buxton and Bowie,
Ronson and Bolder,
they've returned from the stars,
wiser but not older,
the Return of The Spiders from Mars!
Give them medals!

Greenery all around, lavish colors to astound,
wild flowers up and down, gonna turn your head around,
Alliums growing six feet tall, gaze into the purple ball,
Snow in Summer overhead, love and care is how they're fed.

It's like nothing you have ever seen,
everything grows with the Flower Queen,
It's like no place you have ever been,
everything glows with the Flower Queen.

Butterflies and bumblebees hover on a fragrant breeze,
fruits and veggies on the vine, things are looking mighty fine,
withered twigs brought back to bloom, orchids thrive, in every room
a magic carpet is unfurled, welcome to her greenhouse world!

Chorus: 2X

When you're down on the street
be careful what you eat,
that chicken was a seagull caught today
down by the bay.
A wise man said it best, "When billions want their meat,
then tables will be the only thing with legs that they don't eat!"

Pour me out a loan, I can't phone the home
'cause my provider is a douche bag
and my face time is a drag.
Sunsetting software days
made the ad-man look both ways (he said..)
"transgender fender-benders butter both sides of my Lenders!"

Chorus: I could learn to love the world between today and tomorrow (2X)

And if you don't love it, who's gonna love it? Don't want to rely on anyone else 2 X

The City wears a circus face
that kinda stared me down,
no go-go chicks or topless tricks
to spin my head around,
Times Square neon safe,
dirty water dogs,
as the shadows from the 'scrapers crept
I thought I heard The Troggs....

Chorus: 2X with "Wild Thing" overlay on 1st round

For the sake of transparency,
and the ever-lovin' struggle for equality,
just to shore-up our democracy,
lest we forget f-in' Bowie,
I wanted to be
that great androgyny.

Chorus: homogeneous androgynous lover 2 X

Just to steal all the attention,
because I lack any intention
to dispense one ounce of prevention,
meet me at the monster mag convention,
my girlfriend's back, and he's all dressed in black!

Chorus: 2X

Lady Stardust can't respond,
Blonde Bomber's gone to the great beyond,
he was such a cool cat,
now what d'ya think of that?

Chorus: 4X

Silent cars at traffic lights,
it's a rocking world full of delights.

Chorus: 4X