"Robot Builder" track order is here!

Hello! I am pleased to reveal the running order for the upcoming CD release of all-new, original Rock & Roll that is "Robot Builder"! Stay tuned to this site and please follow "Vincent Priceless Original Rock & Roll Command Station"…

"Hunky Panky: Limited Edition 12" Vinyl HAS ARRIVED!

At long last, the 'Hunky Panky' small run LP is in the house! Limited to 100 pieces and pressed on random-colored vinyl, so no two records are exactly alike! Comes with download card for free access to MP3 or lossless…


'Hunky Panky' Lyrics Here!

Hellooooo! The 'Hunky Panky' limited-edition vinyl LP has landed! Behold, here are the lyrics, in running order, by side, no less! All words copyright 2017 Vincent Priceless / Baby Werewolf Publishing / ASCAP





Greets! I am pleased to report that all recording has been completed for "Hunky Panky"! Eleven, count 'em, (11) new, bracing Rock & Roll tunes - here's the final running order:

 1) Hazy Cosmic Jive
 2) Dr. Now
 3) Bad…


"Hunky Panky" song running order is here!

Hello! Here's the running order for my upcoming rock & roll record, "Hunky Panky":

 1. Dawn Chorus
 2. Dr. Now
 3. Bad Beth & Beyond
 4. Silver Age Suite:
     i) Low T
     ii) My Morning Jerk-Off
 5. Since Forever

New VP record "Hunky Panky" underway!

Hello! Basic tracks are underway for the next Priceless original release, "Hunky Panky"! No release date yet, but the new record will consist of (12) VP-penned original songs, and promises to piss-off even more people than "Black Light Revival" did…


Hey there - it's been a while!

Hello and Happy 2016 to all who adventure to these parts of the inter-web! My best wishes to all for a healthy and fun new year! I'm working on new Rock & Roll, as usual! The 'plan' is to produce…


Brain-Storming for What's Next

Plotting to record a 7" of new material - a darker, heavier affair, no doubt. Enlisting Art Quinn on guitar and Rob Sefcik on drums, if all goes as per plans. Stay tuned for more, if you're out there!