"Robot Builder" track order is here! 

Hello! I am pleased to reveal the running order for the upcoming CD release of all-new, original Rock & Roll that is "Robot Builder"! Stay tuned to this site and please follow "Vincent Priceless Original Rock & Roll Command Station" on FB for the latest progress reports!


1. The Fierce Urgency of Now
2. Do The Chihuahua
3. Roadside Requiem
4. Chicks in Chucks
5. Rock The Body Electric
6. The Ghost of Shea
7. Children of The Hydra's Teeth
8. Hold Me (Harmless)
9. Wealth and Hellness
10. The Crying Eye Jacket

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"Hunky Panky: Limited Edition 12" Vinyl HAS ARRIVED! 

At long last, the 'Hunky Panky' small run LP is in the house! Limited to 100 pieces and pressed on random-colored vinyl, so no two records are exactly alike! Comes with download card for free access to MP3 or lossless WAV file versions of the album! (11) tracks of loud, original, nutty outsider Rock n Roll, outstanding playing by the likes of Tom Curiano, Art Quinn and Rock Anthony, and superior mastering by Tony Maimone. Woo! See "Store" page for ordering info!


'Hunky Panky' Lyrics Here! 

Hellooooo! The 'Hunky Panky' limited-edition vinyl LP has landed! Behold, here are the lyrics, in running order, by side, no less! All words copyright 2017 Vincent Priceless / Baby Werewolf Publishing / ASCAP


we are ziggy stardust,
we are golden years,
and we've got to get back
to the moss garden.

I wanna know your mind,
see what I can find,
I really dig your smile,
I have for a while.

I wanna drink you up
from a china cup,
see what I can corrupt
beneath your leather.

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Hear "Sweet Thing" Bowie cover here! 


First Attempt at home-made video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfLOsjVxrig

Here's an extra-special track from the 'Hunky Panky' sessions that will not be on the upcoming LP - a cover of the Bowie 'Diamond Dogs' classic 'Sweet Thing'! Thanks to Art Quinn for piano, drums and backing vocals, and Tony Maimone for mastering! Hope you dig it, and please feel free to share, if so inclined!

PS: ...and it's not "I'll run to the crossroads of hamburgers"!!!


Greets! I am pleased to report that all recording has been completed for "Hunky Panky"! Eleven, count 'em, (11) new, bracing Rock & Roll tunes - here's the final running order:

 1) Hazy Cosmic Jive
 2) Dr. Now
 3) Bad Beth & Beyond
 4) Low T
 5) My Morning Jerk-Off
 6) John Cale
 7) Angels We Have Heard While High
 8) Return of The Spiders From Mars
 9) The Flower Queen
10) Between Today & Tomorrow
11) Hunky Panky

Me and the boys have also recorded a cool cover tune, that shall see the light of day in some way,…

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"Hunky Panky" song running order is here! 

Hello! Here's the running order for my upcoming rock & roll record, "Hunky Panky":

 1. Dawn Chorus
 2. Dr. Now
 3. Bad Beth & Beyond
 4. Silver Age Suite:
     i) Low T
     ii) My Morning Jerk-Off
 5. Since Forever
 6. To Find The Castle
 7. Angels We Have Heard While High
 8. The Flower Queen
 9. Return of The Spiders From Mars
10. Between Today and Tomorrow
11. Hunky Panky

There may be one or two extras or swaps - one never knows! Thanks for checking this out!

New VP record "Hunky Panky" underway! 

Hello! Basic tracks are underway for the next Priceless original release, "Hunky Panky"! No release date yet, but the new record will consist of (12) VP-penned original songs, and promises to piss-off even more people than "Black Light Revival" did! Stay tuned for track-listing and more info, coming soon! Here's a 1st draft of the album cover art!

So a Monkee and a Motel Cover "Diamond Dogs" & "Soul Love" @ Chiller Bowie Tribute.... 

The April Chiller Theatre Saturday Nite Rock & Roll Party was a smashing success, with probably the biggest crowd ever turning out for mini-sets by The Monkees (Dolenz, Tork, Hart) and Cherie Currie, plus The Dead Elvi's own Bowie tribute with special guests, which, despite a few last-minute curve balls, went relatively smoothly. Here's an audience video (shot by Cindy Ferrier) of the beyond bizarre "Diamond Dogs" cover as done by Peter Tork and us, with the stellar Tim Cappello on sax:

Here's footage…

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Hey there - it's been a while! 

Hello and Happy 2016 to all who adventure to these parts of the inter-web! My best wishes to all for a healthy and fun new year! I'm working on new Rock & Roll, as usual! The 'plan' is to produce a 7" slab of vinyl ahead of next full-length record. No definitive release dates yet, etc., just forging ahead as time permits. Expect something raucous, is all I can say for now! The current working title of the record is "Transgressor"! Stay tuned here, and thanks again for your interest!